About Stack Palm

At Stack Palm, we strive to provide unparalleled service in the realm of trade show exhibits and branding. Our experienced team goes above and beyond to tailor each project to our clients’ needs and tastes, emphasizing concept design, top-notch production, and efficient delivery. With a proven track record, we can proudly boast of our long list of esteemed customers, including Samsung, Honeywell, Hyundai, and Lenovo. We guarantee an eye-catching product that not only looks great but operates perfectly.


Do you want an excellent trade show exhibit and brand identity that can put your business or organization ahead of the pack? Our project managers, designers, and production teams are here ready to help. We develop variety of products including:

Custom Exhibits
Rental Exhibits
Booth Graphics
Corporate Branding

Trade Show Booth Design Company


At Stack Palm, we understand that delivering outstanding customer service is the foundation of our entire operation. Therefore, every aspect of what we do and how we do it has been devised to meet and exceed customers’ unique needs. We are pleased to report that the majority of our customers have formed sustainable relationships with us in a variety of areas. Moreover, we remain committed to creating even more innovative solutions to assist our clients going forward.

The History of Stack Palm

In 2005, Stack Palm was established as a design studio providing branding design services. With growing demands from the clients and the market, Stack Palm started expanding into exhibition while expanding locations both domestically and internationally. Throughout the years, there were many changes we made.

However, the one thing remains the same and will continue to do so is our philosophy: customers are our core focus. We cherish it as the foundation and spirit of our business. And we are still working hard every day to meet the needs for both our old friends and new customers.

Trade Show Booth Design Company
Trade Show Booth Design Company

Management Team

Meet the management team

We believe that in order to deliver great products and events, you need the right team.

We are proud to say that in every position throughout the company, our team not only has industry experience but deeply cares about delivering the high standard of work for our clients every time, no matter what you do with us.